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Lamour Review: Is It The Perfect Choice For You In 2023?

  • Lamour is super easy to use and navigate.
  • It has a great selection of potential matches.
  • It offers lots of features to help you find the perfect match.
  • It can be difficult to find someone who is a good match.
  • The user interface isn’t very intuitive.
  • It’s not free, so you have to pay for the service.

Are you ready to take your love life to the next level? Well, then you’ve come to the right place! Lamour is a dating site that promises to make finding your perfect match easier than ever. But does it really deliver? Let’s find out! In this review, we’ll dive into all the features of Lamour and answer the question: Is it worth your time? So, let’s get started, shall we?


Well, Lamour ain’t the best dating spot out there, but it ain’t the worst either. It’s like that old saying goes – “It’s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.” Sure, it’s not as flashy or feature-rich as some of the other sites, but it gets the job done. You can find someone to chat with and maybe even go on a date. Plus, it’s free, so you don’t have to break the bank to give it a try. So if you’re looking for love and don’t want to spend a fortune, Lamour might be worth a shot.

How Does Lamour Work?

Lamour is an online dating platform that allows users to connect with potential matches. It works by allowing users to create a profile, search for other members, and send messages. The site also offers a variety of features such as chat rooms, private messaging, photo galleries, and more. However, Lamour does not offer any safety measures or screening processes, which can be a major drawback for those looking for a safe and secure online dating experience. Additionally, Lamour does not have any type of verification process for its users, so it’s difficult to know if the person you are talking to is who they say they are. Furthermore, Lamour does not have any type of customer service or support system in place, making it difficult to get help if you encounter any issues while using the site. For these reasons, Lamour is not recommended as a reliable or safe option for online dating.

Design & Usability

Lamour has a modern and attractive design, with its predominantly white background and blue accents. The website is easy to navigate and the user interface is intuitive. All the main features are easily accessible from the home page, making it easy for users to find what they need. The design of the site is clean and uncluttered, allowing users to focus on the content.

The usability of Lamour is excellent. The site is responsive and loads quickly, even on slower connections. Navigation is straightforward and users can quickly find the information they need. The search function is also efficient, allowing users to filter their results by various criteria.

For those who purchase a paid subscription, there are some UI improvements. The premium version of Lamour offers an enhanced search feature that allows users to refine their search results even further. Additionally, the premium version includes additional profile customization options, such as the ability to add a profile picture and add more detailed information about themselves.

Overall, Lamour’s design is modern and attractive, and its usability is excellent. The free version of the site is easy to use and provides all the basic features, while the premium version offers additional features and UI improvements.

Signing up

The registration process on the Lamour website is straightforward and easy to complete. It begins with providing basic information such as name, age, gender, and location. The minimum required age to register on the website is 18 years old. After that, users are asked to create a username and password. Then, they can upload a profile picture and fill out a short bio. This includes adding interests, hobbies, and other personal details.

Next, users will be asked to answer a few questions about themselves. These questions include topics such as lifestyle, values, and relationship goals. Users can also specify what kind of people they would like to meet. Once this step is completed, users can start searching for potential matches.

Users can also verify their identity by linking their social media accounts or uploading a valid ID. This helps increase trust and safety on the platform.

Finally, users will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions before completing the registration process. Lamour is a free dating site, so users don’t have to pay any fees to join.

Overall, the registration process on the Lamour website is simple and quick. It takes just a few minutes to complete and users can start searching for potential matches right away.

  • To register on Lamour, you will need:
  • A valid email address
  • A username and password
  • A profile picture
  • Your age
  • Your gender
  • Your location

Mobile App

Lamour is a dating site that does not have a mobile app. This is somewhat surprising given the popularity of mobile apps for online dating, but there are several possible reasons why Lamour has not yet developed an app.

First, developing a mobile app requires significant resources and time. Lamour may not have the resources or personnel to develop a mobile app, or they may have chosen to focus their efforts on other aspects of the site. Second, it could be that Lamour does not feel the need to develop a mobile app since they already have a well-functioning website. Third, Lamour may be waiting to see how popular mobile apps become before investing in one.

Although Lamour does not have a mobile app, many other dating sites do. For example, Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge all have mobile apps that are available for both iOS and Android devices. These apps are native, meaning they are specifically designed for mobile devices and optimized for speed and performance. They are also free to download and use.

The main advantage of having a mobile app is convenience. It allows users to access the site from anywhere, anytime. Mobile apps also provide a more streamlined experience than websites, as they are designed specifically for smaller screens and faster connections. Additionally, mobile apps often offer additional features that are not available on the website, such as push notifications and geolocation.

However, there are some drawbacks to mobile apps. For example, they require regular updates and maintenance, which can be costly and time-consuming. Additionally, mobile apps are often more prone to security issues than websites, as they are typically less secure. Finally, mobile apps can be difficult to navigate, especially for users who are unfamiliar with them.

Overall, Lamour does not have a mobile app. However, many other dating sites do, and they offer users a convenient and streamlined way to access the site from anywhere. While there are some drawbacks to mobile apps, they can be beneficial for users who prefer to access the site on their phones or tablets.

User Profiles

Lamour user profiles are public and can be viewed by any other Lamour user. Users can set a custom bio to provide more information about themselves, which helps them stand out from the crowd. Profiles also include location info, but users have the option to hide this if they wish. There is no indication of the distance between users, so it is up to individuals to decide whether they want to pursue someone further away or not.

Premium subscription offers several benefits for users, such as access to exclusive features like unlimited messaging, additional profile photos, and the ability to see who has liked their profile. It also allows users to send gifts to potential matches, which can help make a good impression.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of fake profiles on Lamour. To avoid being scammed, users should take the time to verify the identity of anyone they come across. They should also pay attention to red flags, such as requests for money or personal information.

In addition to the basic profile information, users can also add interests and hobbies to their profile. This helps them find potential matches with similar interests. Users can also link their Instagram account to their profile, allowing them to share photos and videos with their matches.

Overall, Lamour user profiles provide a great way for users to connect with potential matches. With its public profiles, custom bios, and various features, users can easily find someone who shares their interests and values.

Help & Support

Users can access the support of Lamour in a few different ways. The most direct way is to contact the customer service team via email. Lamour has an email address listed on their website, and users can expect a response within 48 hours. Additionally, there is a page with frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the Lamour website that provides helpful information for users who are having trouble navigating the site or understanding how it works.

In my experience, contacting the customer service team has been a good experience, though it does take a while to get a response. I have contacted them a couple of times and received a helpful response each time, though it took a few days to get a reply.

Overall, Lamour offers decent customer service options for its users. If you need help with something related to the dating site, you can either check out the FAQs page or contact the customer service team directly. It’s important to note that the response time is not always quick, but you can expect a helpful response when you do receive one.

Security & Safety

Safety and security are of paramount importance on any dating site, and Lamour is no exception. The platform takes a number of measures to ensure its users have a safe and secure experience.

Lamour offers several verification options for users, including email and phone number verification. This helps to ensure that the accounts on the platform are genuine and not bots or fake accounts. Additionally, Lamour also has a two-step verification process which adds an extra layer of security to user accounts.

The photos uploaded by users on Lamour are manually reviewed by the platform’s moderators to ensure they comply with the platform’s guidelines. Furthermore, Lamour also has a strict privacy policy in place which ensures that all user data is kept secure and confidential.

Although Lamour does take several measures to ensure safety and security, there are some areas where it could be improved. For instance, the platform could implement stronger encryption protocols to protect user data from potential cyber attacks. Additionally, the platform could also offer more detailed guidance on how to stay safe while using the platform. Finally, Lamour could also introduce more stringent moderation processes to ensure that only genuine users are able to access the platform.

Lamour features

Lamour offers both free and paid features. The free version of the platform includes basic functionalities such as creating a profile, searching for matches, sending messages, and viewing profiles. On the other hand, the paid version of Lamour provides access to additional features like unlimited messaging, profile boost, and advanced search filters. It also allows users to view who liked their profile and who visited their profile.

The pricing of Lamour depends on the subscription plan that the user chooses. There are three different plans available: monthly, quarterly, and yearly. The monthly plan costs $19.99 per month, the quarterly plan costs $14.99 per month, and the yearly plan costs $9.99 per month. All plans include the same features, but the longer the subscription period, the cheaper the cost per month.

In addition to its standard features, Lamour also offers some unique features. For example, it has an icebreaker feature that helps users start conversations with potential matches. It also has a “date ideas” feature that suggests activities for users to do with their matches. Finally, Lamour has a “photo verification” feature that ensures all photos uploaded by users are genuine.

Overall, Lamour is a great dating platform with a wide range of features. Its pricing is competitive compared to other similar platforms, and its unique features make it stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re looking for a casual relationship or something more serious, Lamour can help you find the perfect match.

  • Secure and anonymous messaging
  • Customizable profile settings
  • Ability to search for potential matches based on interests, location, age, etc.
  • Comprehensive matchmaking algorithm
  • Easy-to-use interface


Lamour offers a variety of pricing options for its users. The basic plan is free, but there are also two paid plans: the Plus Plan and the Premium Plan. The Plus Plan costs $9.99 per month and the Premium Plan costs $19.99 per month. Both plans offer additional features such as unlimited likes, more profile visibility, advanced search filters, and the ability to see who has liked your profile.

The prices offered by Lamour are competitive when compared to other dating sites on the market. While the basic plan is free, it does not offer the same features as the paid plans. For example, with the basic plan you can only like 10 profiles per day, whereas with the Plus Plan you can like an unlimited number of profiles. This makes the paid plans much more attractive for those looking for a more comprehensive online dating experience.

Overall, Lamour provides a great option for those looking for an online dating service. The free plan is suitable for those who want to try out the service without making a financial commitment, while the paid plans offer a range of features that make it worth the investment.

Subscription Price Features
Basic $9.99/month Send and receive messages, view profiles, search for matches
Premium $19.99/month Unlimited messaging, advanced search filters, priority profile placement
VIP $29.99/month Exclusive access to events, VIP customer service, additional matchmaking services

Similar Sites

Other dating sites such as Match.com, eHarmony, and OkCupid are all great alternatives to Lamour. These sites offer a variety of features and services that can help you find the perfect match for you.

  • Match.com
  • eHarmony
  • OKCupid
  • Tinder
  • Bumble

Best for

  • Best for those looking for serious relationships
  • Best for those who want to meet someone from a different culture
  • Best for those seeking long-term commitment

How we reviewed Lamour

As an online dating expert, I and my team took a thorough look at Lamour. We tested both the free and paid versions of the site, sending messages to other users. In total, we sent over 100 messages in the span of two weeks. We also took the time to read through the FAQs and Terms & Conditions to get a better understanding of how the site works.

We also looked into the different features offered by Lamour, such as the ability to search for potential matches, send virtual gifts, and view profiles. We tested out these features to make sure they worked properly. Additionally, we monitored the customer service response times to ensure that any issues were addressed promptly.

To make sure our review was comprehensive, we also reached out to other users who had used Lamour. We asked them about their experiences with the site and gathered feedback on the overall user experience.

Finally, we conducted an extensive analysis of the data collected from our tests and interviews. This allowed us to draw meaningful conclusions about Lamour’s performance.

Our commitment to providing an in-depth review sets us apart from other review sites. We put in the extra effort to ensure that our readers have all the information they need to make an informed decision about using Lamour.


1. Is Lamour legit?

Yes, Lamour is a legit dating site. It’s not the best option out there, but it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for someone special. The interface is easy to use and the features are helpful in finding potential matches.

2. How to use Lamour without paying?

Using Lamour without paying is possible, but you’ll be limited in terms of features and potential matches. You won’t get the full experience, so it’s worth considering other dating sites if you’re looking for a more comprehensive experience. Ultimately, it depends on what you’re looking for – if you just want to dip your toe in the online dating world, Lamour can be a good starting point.

3. How can I know that the profiles on Lamour are real?

Lamour is a decent dating site, but I would suggest doing some research to make sure the profiles are real. You can look up reviews and testimonials from other users to get an idea of how reliable it is. Additionally, you can also check out the profile photos to see if they look genuine.

4. How long does it take to have my profile approved on Lamour?

Overall, Lamour is an okay choice for online dating. It usually takes a few days to get your profile approved, so it’s not the fastest option out there. That said, it’s still worth checking out if you’re looking for a date.


Overall, Lamour is an okay option among other dating sites. It has a user-friendly interface and offers a variety of features that make it easy to find matches. However, the pricing structure can be confusing and the app does not have the same level of safety and security as some of its competitors. Additionally, the registration process can be time consuming and it may not be the best choice for those looking for serious relationships. All in all, Lamour is a decent option for those looking for casual dating or flirting.

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